Uncomplicated Steps to Ease the Pain Caused by Arthritis Cat

There are several manuscripts on the market that are meant for feline lovers that are looking for approaches on how to ease pain and take in hand different forms of health problems including arthritis cat.  Animal care and medical books can give information on how to use easy and diminutive light movements to take care of a range of health and behavioural problems in pets.

You can learn massage techniques that are especially meant for pets that you can apply to your cat afflicted with arthritis. The massage procedures works on a cellular level. According to the proficient vets performing small circular movement stimulates four different brainwaves to generate the best performance mode of the pet’s brain. Hence, applying small and gentle movements, you help your dear feline’s cells to be awakened thus assist speed up the healing process as well as reduce arthritic pain. Furthermore, these massage performances can also facilitate in calming aggressiveness and diminish the fear they have due to the discomfort that they are going through.


If your cat is suffering from arthritis, try doing these massage system and uncover the many wonderful rewards it can provide to you and your beloved cat as well. The good thing about performing these massages is that you need not have any learning about anatomy of felines for you to be able to employ it and help assuage the pain that your cat is suffering. You can actually learn the basics in a just a few hours of reading a book about how to give your pet a massage as each technique is carefully described and illustrated with imagery. You can choose to buy books or make a research on the internet to find resources that can help you get a list of different cat health issues and feline behavioural troubles that can be rectified by means of employing pet massage techniques shared by the specialists. Here are other pet massage rewards.

  1. Enhance lymphatic and blood circulation systems
  2. Improve range of motion and flexibility
  3. Tone down muscular restrictions, stiffness,  tightness and contraction
  4. Swill out toxins and metabolic wastes from the system
  5. Reduce excessive scar creation in soft tissue
  6. Intensify the immune system
  7. Convey the psychosomatic benefits of touch
  8. Diminish stress due to pain
  9. Aids in maintaining as well as support healthy overall sense of wellness

If you know that your dear feline friend is suffering from pain in the joints due to arthritis, it is good to nourish your pet with enriched food regimen and vitamin supplements that are loaded with minerals which are crucial to uphold healthiness. For arthritic pain, make sure you also watch your cat’s diet by not letting it overeat as when pets get heavier they will undeniably go through a horrible time dealing with their joint pain. Another major thing to do to help assuage the pain that your cat is undergoing is to take time exercising your cat even though it may be distressing for them to move around.  Regular work out can help improve the condition but keep in mind that you don’t put too much pressure by dividing the exercise routine into few smaller ones.  Arthritis cat may take some days or even weeks before you start seeing satisfactory outcome from all the meds, care and massages that you give.


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When to Give NSAID Dogs?

As your pet’s primary caretaker, you have the accountability to protect it from being hurt and injured as well as to take good care of it whenever it is ill, but is it right to administer NSAID dogs without vet’s advice? It is natural for loving pet owners to feel for their beloved friend or that they don’t want to see them writhing in pain. Because of this, many pet owners straight away decide to give their pets some pain reliever with the hope to help ease the pain their suffering.

One of the most important things that dog owners can do is to know their pets well. That way they can easily tell any changes or if their pets no longer behave like before. There will be changes in the way a dog drinks or eats as well as a sudden drop in energy levels as well as sociability. Symptoms of diseases affecting dogs vary; some are clinical and can only be revealed by a medical exam. Pet owners should understand that there are some signs that are common to many disorders and diseases and that each can indicate something is wrong as well as what exactly it is.

Don’t try to DIY when it comes to treating a sick dog as this can be detrimental.  If your pet is refusing to eat, do not straight away assume that your dog has a minor gastrointestinal upset since loss of appetite can also indicate countless of more serious diseases or circumstances that call for instantaneous veterinary attention. For all you know, your dear furry friend has ingested a foreign object which could cause a treacherous intestinal blockage which necessitates emergency surgery. Loss of appetite could also be a sign of more serious health problems, so it is better to bring your dog to the vet’s clinic.

One important thing to keep in mind before you administer NSAID is try to observe your dog’s fecal and urinary wastes and timing to see if there are abnormalities. If your pet is healthy, expect clear to amber yellow coloured urine whilst dark and bloody coloured signals urinary tract infection or bladder infection. Dogs in good health have firm yet moist stool. If your dog is having diarrhea, this can be a sign of mild gastrointestinal upset, liver or digestive disorder. If you notice blood or mucus in your dog’s stools, it usually points toward colitis or inflammatory bowel disorder, intestinal perforation, parvo virus, intestinal blockage or tumors and liver failure.

NSAID dogs should not be administered right away whenever you see that your pet isn’t feeling well instead watch for any abnormalities in its behavior like loss of interest in normal daily activities, irritability, sleepiness or the way it walks. When you see all these then you know that it’s time to bring your pet to the vet clinic for a thorough check-up.


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Learning Arthritis Dogs Symptoms and How to Manage It

Arthritis is a disease that can happen to people and even to dogs.  Arthritis in dogs is an inflammation in the joints. And all types of dogs no matter what the breed is can manifest joint swelling as they age. The inflammation on a specific joint of a canine can have various reasons and all dog owners should be aware of these reasons and why they happen. You should know what is wrong before doing anything that might do harm than good.


Most common cause of a joint inflammation is an accident. This can happen to small breeds of dogs and all the more to big ones as they can be very playful. The more active they are, the more prone to accidents they will be. If they fell off the stairs and have a bad fall, they might sprain their joints. If they meet a street accident, most likely they would have either broken limbs or leg joint.

Some dogs may suffer from joint problems genetically. If a dog owner does not know the history of their dogs’ parents detecting a genetic arthritis would be difficult. Also if you don’t know where your dogs came from, you will not be able to take precautions once the symptoms started to surface. So it’s always good to know your dog before you actually own them.

Joint inflammation is curable. But we have to find the best medicine to cure them. It is not safe to give your dog human medicines as they could have bad side effects. Instead of helping them, the injury might prolong and the dog will suffer more. Dogs will not be able to tell you that they are in pain. So as the owner you have to be sensitive and observant of the changes in your pet.

Behaviour of dogs with joint problems changes a lot. If they are active and suddenly you see them lazing around or if they have a sleeping pattern and they tend to sleep more than the usual then you have to check on them right away. Their eating habit will change too. They might end up just sniffing their food rather than eating them. Dogs who are suffering from joint swelling will behave extremely different. If you notice these changes maybe it’s time for you to bring your pet to a veterinarian for proper check up.

The method of treatment also differs depending on the damage to the bone and the joint affected. Your dogs may undergo blood tests before a medication is given. Talking to a professional will be safe for your dog. As the owner, you have a responsibility to make sure your dog is healthy. So be aware and have that extra consciousness to feel and understand your pet. Have a better way of understanding arthritis in dogs so you know what to do just in case.


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Things You Need to Know about Dog Arthritis and NSAID for Dog

Pet lovers all over the world are said to be patient and caring people. This characteristic is manifested on how they are with their animal friends. However, with so many pets to choose from, the highest percentage belongs to dog lovers. Dogs are said to be a man’s best friend therefore they are treated as humans and considered a part of the family. If you are a dog owner you must be aware of common sickness your pet may suffer from. One of them is pet arthritis and NSAID for dog is a known medication to help alleviate the pain.

Human arthritis is no difference with what your dog would experience. Symptoms maybe the same but they are not treated the same way neither cured by the same type of medicines. Human medicines are for humans and can be unsafe for your dog. As your daily companion and as your way of showing your affection to them you carry them in your arms especially the little ones. For big dogs, you can touch or embrace them. Touching them is one way to check the joints. Give a soft massage on joint areas where arthritis may manifest.

Be extra conscious. You may be unaware that your dog is already in pain. Be aware of the change in your pet as arthritis may have taken over their body.  One change you might notice is their behaviour. If your dog is the hyper type, wagging its tail and so excited to see you every time you arrive home and all of a sudden not care anymore – then something is wrong. Loss of appetite is another. A dog in pain will surely experience discomfort and their eating habits may alter. If your pet has a healthy appetite and suddenly they don’t eat or just sniff the food, then something is not right. Their sleeping habit will change too. An arthritis pain can cause them sleepless days but they end up being always on the floor lying lazy. This could be very unusual therefore you can say that something bad is going on with your pet. Standing and sitting positions may change if something bad is going on with either your dog’s hips or legs. You can notice that easily since you know how your dog really behaves.

As a precaution, always take time to exercise your dog. Run with them. Make sure that their legs are strong enough to withstand any joint deterioration that may occur through time and that is inevitable. Also watch their diets. Food servings vary for big dogs and small dogs so make sure you are feeding them well with proper dietary supplement. Overfeeding is not an assurance of a healthy pet. Bring your pet regularly to the vet. By doing so, you as the owner will learn a lot of things about how to care for your beloved canine and understand the risks of giving NSAID dog.

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What are the Different Causes of Arthritis Cat

Even with arthritis, cat can very well live an active and normal life provided that it is given proper care regularly.  Majority of pets also are very much like humans that suffer from different types of illnesses and pains brought by injuries, viruses and old age. It is very heart breaking for cat owners to see their darling cat limping or seem to stiffen up when moving especially during humid or wintry days. If your feline appears to slow down it could be because of arthritis.

Cat Sleeping 2

A painful joint condition suffered by your feline pet triggers a slow wear down of the cartilage in the joints due to either primary arthritis caused by continual overuse of one joint or aging. Arthritis is more common in aging cats and commonly occurs over a period of time. On the other hand, defects in the bones or cartilage due to unstable joints or damage from trauma and sprains can also cause arthritic pain even in young cats. To boot, connecting to primary or secondary arthritis, cats can also suffer from pains brought by specific versions such as the progressive polyarthritis that affects several joints at the same time wherein age is not at all a causal factor. So, how can you help alleviate your beloved kitty’s pain?

In order to diagnose arthritis in cats, x-rays are obtained plus other tests to help vets analyze the joint fluid as well as the number of cells present in the blood and fluid to determine the sort of arthritis your cat is distressed with. The tests will also reveal other underlying problems that may cause the arthritis as well as guarantee that your pet cat is not afflicted with an infectious disease or something else that could worsen your cat’s health.  Further tests can also reveal another variety of arthritis that is generally due to an infected wound. This is known as bacterial arthritis which has to be treated immediately to dodge further impairment to the joints. Your cat may also suffer from arthritis that is due to diabetes mellitus. Just like in humans, this illness can be treated.

The type of treatment recommended by your pets vet will generally depend on the sort of arthritis your pet cat has been diagnosed with. You also have the option whether you want your pet to be treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, Glucosamine, cartilage protective agents, corticosteroids or go for Homeopathy to help ease the pain, inflammation and rehabilitate the affected joints and impaired cartilage. There are times when surgery cannot be avoided, especially if your cat is suffering from elbow dysplasia, shoulder osteochondritis, desiccants that caused ruined cartilage and bones. These conditions can be cured through reconstructive surgeries, joint freezing or total hip replacements which is the only way to help you cat heal quickly from these serious conditions. You may try your best to keep your pet safe and healthy, but it is very likely that felines will become sick at some time, especially mature ones since they are susceptible to arthritis cat.



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Massage as a Gentle and Effective Way to Ease Pet Arthritis

Pet arthritis maybe relieved through regular application of massage to their overall health maintenance just as in humans. Massage when properly done can dramatically reduce tension, help increase movement and flexibility, improve circulation and helps reduce stress. If your pet is suffering from arthritis, performing massage techniques is valuable in contributing to the complete ability of your dog’s body to function. It can help reduce stress, increase flexibility and movement, enhance circulation, and contribute to the overall ability of the body to function correctly.

On the other hand, there is a colossal misconception about using massage therapy to pets as many thought that this is just another gimmickry offered by pet spa service salons that are frequented by overly pampered pets thus many dog owners think that it is just for pure vanity. Well, nothing could be foster from the truth since there is a multitude of excellent reasons why your beloved canine should make an appointment to see a licensed animal massage therapist, especially if your pet has arthritis. If you own an aging dog, the more reasons you have to make that trip to the massage parlour for pets. The effects of animal massage delivers the same health benefits to pets as it does to humans, so if you know what that means and how it made you feel after you had a good massage then you will also understand the rejuvenation and feeling of wellness it can give to your pet.

When your dog or cat is recovering from surgery, an injury or illness, it’s a big help if you bring them to an animal massage therapist or if you know how to do it, so you can help bring your beloved pet’s body back to its previous healthy state. Contrary to the common belief that massage should only be performed on the injured part, it is vital to actually work the whole body. In fact, therapists don’t want to touch and work on the injured or operated area at all until it’s fully healed. The entire body of your dog or cat will compensate for surgery or arthritic pain felt in one area by shifting body weight to a different area.

Normally if a pet was operated on or have had an injury to a front leg, the shoulder muscles as well as those of the back legs will be tight and become sore as they bear the entire body weight to counterbalance the injured front leg. To help restore full mobility, it is fundamental to focus on those overworked areas. Keep in mind that the whole body of your pet is joined together by connective tissue, so knead and rubbing down one area of the body will definitely have a helpful outcome all over.

To support this claims, try making a research about sporting dogs and how they are well taken care of by their trainers and owners by giving them pre-event and post-event massage therapies to warm-up their bodies in order to enhance blood flow to the muscles, rev up the whole system, promote oxygen flow to the tissues as well as prevent muscular injuries and pet arthritis.

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Discover Alternatives and Effective Treatments for Arthritis Cats

Arthritis cats pain management is always given priority by veterinary doctors in case they need to treat other underlying condition that your pet may be suffering from.

Resolving the cause of your cat’s pain is of utmost importance, especially if your precious pet needs to undergo surgery. Hence, it is smart to look for a veterinary doctor that is knowledgeable enough in dealing with pain management, especially for felines.  Ideally, cats should be handled by vets that are well-versed in the most suitable drugs for cats to ease the pain that accompanies arthritis especially before surgery. It is vital to ask your cat’s vet how or in what manner will the pain be managed before, during and post operative phase because majority of pet felines experience a great deal of stress when taken for visits to their vets.

Cat Healthy 8

Anxiety and pain as well as being restrained can actually make the pain worse and you surely wouldn’t want to see your beloved kitty extremely stressed. If it is your cat’s first time, it pays to know if the vet clinic that you are planning to visit employs synthetic feline facial pheromones to help calm over-stressed patients rather than using unnecessarily harsh restraint. These feline facial pheromones can effectively help cats muddle through stressful situations. The pheromones may come in the form of spray that can be applied on hands, towels and tablets or in diffusers.  Some vet clinics use a variety of flower essences which can also help reduce stress.

As a pet owner, be cautious about over-medication. Again, don’t scrimp on your budget but make sure you only deal with a professional veterinarian that’s well-versed in the latest and most appropriate medications for pain management for cats as these animals necessitate special knowledge and careful attention irrespective of their illness. Putting aside arthritis in cats, even medications for ticks and fleas prevention do carry potential side-effects that may be harmful to your cat. Felines are very susceptible to the effects of over or improper medication.

For arthritic pain management for felines, pharmaceutical agent known as Opioids or narcotic pain killers are known to cause fewer side effects than most NSAID’s. That is why; non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs must be avoided in cats for the purpose of pain management. Look for alternative therapies that may be suitable for your pet depending on the cause of pain. Nowadays, if you are resourceful enough, you will find out that there are already many healing modalities that pet owners can use for their pets with arthritis or other diseases. These therapies can be administered alone or in conjunction with other drugs to enhance a pet’s overall quality of life. Make a research and discover the most effective alternative treatments for arthritis cats. Stay alert for any behavioral changes but keep in mind not to take chances on giving any type of drug without a vet’s approval.






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The Best Way to Alleviate Inflammation Dogs Fast, Easy and Cheaply

Today, there are numerous animal naturopaths that are sought by countless dedicated pet owners that are looking for safe and natural methods in keeping their pets healthy and pain-free. Even inflammation dogs can be alleviated fast, easy and cheaply via natural and holistic canine health care.

If you are seeking to help improve your dog’s health and have them treated from whatever conditions they may be in, you may want to consider consulting a well-known animal naturopath which you can also find online. You will be surprised to know that nowadays, many canine owners are favouring natural remedies to common illnesses like digestive conditions in dogs, ear infections including itchy ears, skin problems such as hot spots, itching and yeast infections, skin allergies and many other types of disorders including pain management.

Most veterinarians would advice looking after the total animal health not just treating the certain condition they may have at the moment. Albeit, natural remedies are sought after by many, a large number of caring canine owners won’t ditch conventional veterinary care and services, but instead supplement them with an array of natural remedies. The most common program that dog owners seek for their dogs is the natural worming method which is regarded as the first step to take in preventive animal health care. Along with this program, a veterinarian will advice the dog owner regarding the correct diet as well as the right type of foods to give to their pets in order to improve their dogs’ wellbeing and overall health.

Holistic care methodology is centered on canine nutritional regime and preventative health programs suited for animals. It provides natural therapeutic remedies that may be used in combination with conventional vet treatments or use them purely, especially when veterinarian treatments have not been successful. Many canine owners have found natural remedies to be more effective.  A holistic pet care approach is focused on treating the underlying causes of the animals’ health disorders using herbal medicines, natural diet, animal homoeopathy and nutrition programs.

Common conditions cured with administering natural animal health programs include arthritic pain and inflammation, food allergies, skin disorders, infections, digestive problems and many other serious conditions. Natural remedies are also proven to work rapidly, effectively and safely plus this type of treatment is very inexpensive. Hence, many dog owners are happy as they are able to reduce vet service bills dramatically.

Research indicates that many canine diseases can be caused by nutrient deficiencies. This is the reason why more and more veterinarians are into providing natural remedies starting with programs that focus on giving the right nutrient supplements devoid of synthetic components which oftentimes contain harmful, cheap fillers such as unstable oils, shellac, talcum powder and other substances that are cancer-causing agents. These are normally found in cheap canned foods and synthetic supplements that most dog owners purchase.  Also, many pet owners do not realize the potential risks of buying “off the shelf” drugs to alleviate inflammation dogs that can severely compromise the health of their pets.

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What can Vets Prescribe to Ease the Pain of an Aging Dog?

An aging dog will show many signs and symptoms if they’re suffering from pain. Dogs may feel mild to severe pain depending on what causes it. Dogs that are aging are also like humans, they may have bouts of dull aches to sharp pain, the only difference is they can’t speak to let us know what and where they hurt, but sensitive and caring dog owners can easily tell.

It isn’t normal to see a dog having difficulty getting up and down, slow in moving or limping and having a tough time scaling the stairs. If you see your dog behaving this way, observe if your pet is favouring a leg by recurrently restraining or keeping it off the ground. It is best to bring your dog to the vet immediately for a complete check-up.

Old dogs suffer joint or hip pain usually caused by arthritis and commonly develop hip dysplasia. It is a condition where the hip socket has not shaped as it should be which can lead to arthritis.  More often than not, this affliction is often suffered by certain breeds of dogs such as the German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Newfoundland, Labrador Retriever, but other breeds can also be encroached on. If your dog is suspected of suffering from this ailment, expect your dog to undergo x-ray on the hips in order for the vet to fully diagnose its condition. Depending on the severity of your dog’s hip dysplasia, the vet will usually recommend your dog to undergo surgical procedure like Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO), Triple Pelvic Osteotomy (TPO), Pubic Symphodesis and hip replacement.

Another option that you can take to help ease your aging dog’s pain is to control its weight as excess load can surely become a burden that will aggravate the problem, especially if the vet says that surgical procedure is not the option for your dog’s condition. Apart from controlling the weight of your canine, you can only give supplements and pain relief medications. But long term administration of pain relief drugs is being discouraged as this may have harmful side-effects to your dog’s overall health.

Another problem that old dogs may suffer from is osteoarthritis. It is a common degenerative condition normally afflicting older pets in certain body parts specifically the knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and back from years of wear and tear on the joints. Surgical options such as joint replacement procedures are also recommended as well as other options that are pointed at treating inflammation and to manage pain. There are also remedies that are aimed at protecting the cartilage in the joints, but good vets would always advice that it is crucial to keep your pet at a healthy weight.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be prescribed to help ease the pain of an aging dog. NSAID’s such as Carprofen, Previcox, Deramaxx, and Metacam are commonly prescribed. But care must be taken and should be undertaken with veterinary medication approval as these drugs can present a variety of side effects that may worsen the condition of your dog all the more.



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Natural Way of Treating Arthritis in Dogs

Most likely we take joint pains as a normal occurrence that may show once a person ages. Aside from the people around us whom we love dearly we have additional members of the family like our pets.  Most of us choose to have a dog which we consider as a man’s best friend.  But do you know that dogs suffer from joint pains, too? So, how do you cure arthritis in dogs the natural way?

Dogs are caring and sensitive animals but they can’t convey any discomforts the way humans do. As pet owners you need to be sensitive with the changes in your dog’s behaviour and eating habits.  Dogs need to have a good eating habit like humans in order for them to live healthily. They have a lifestyle too. Most of the time a pet owner’s way of living can be adapted by their pet.  So if you are a couch potato, your dog has the tendency to be one too.

Lonely Dog 2

Commonly dogs suffer from joint problems caused by an accident, arthritis or genetics. Dogs with joint problems need proper caring since they are generally active. They jump, they roll and they play. Accidents can be one cause of a limp leg or a broken hip. If this happens you need to have your dog checked by a veterinarian to get an expert advice.  You may also check books that can help you be more knowledgeable about this kind of sickness.  If the illness is genetic, then extra care is required.

Though your dogs have suffered an injury do not prevent him from exercising. Either it was developed through an accident or genetically acquired; exercise will ease the tension in his leg or hip. But do not overdo it as we don’t want them to be in trauma. Jumping is not allowed. You may also give your little buddy a gentle massage to ease the pain. Massage will help their muscles to relax.  You can also pamper your dog with a cold compress and it will surely make him feel better.

Never give your dog human medication just to ease the pain. Human medicines are for humans and they can harm your best friend.  Also make sure to watch his diet. An overweight canine has the tendency to get lazy. This will not help cure your dog’s joint pain due to arthritis rather it might result to complications.  You also have to be aware that such illness can’t be cured overnight. Some dogs even suffer from it all their lives. But with all non-medicinal alternatives plus proper care, you and your buddy can still enjoy life together which is much more important. There are several arthritis remedies for dogs that you can do at home to help ease the pain. As pets begin to age, it is inevitable that they suffer a certain degree of arthritis that will slow them down. Keep in mind, too, that all breeds and sizes are susceptible to arthritis in dogs.


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